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XtremePowerUS Hoverboard Review – It’s Cheap, But Is It Any Good?

xtremepowerus hoverboard reviews

XtremePowerUS Hoverboard

Since 2015, hoverboards have taken the personal transportation and outdoor recreation industries by storm. Thousands upon thousands of customers have purchased these futuristic means of transport. Some just to get around short distances, but most just for fun. They’re especially popular at Christmas because they’re an awesome gift that can be used by all the family – both kids and adults alike. This XtremepowerUS hoverboard review highlights a budget self-balancing electric scooter that was very popular in 2017 and will be equally popular in 2018. It also provides you with the pros and cons of purchasing this hoverboard so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for a self balancing electric scooter.

But before delving into the features of this high-performance electric scooter, what aspects should you focus on when selecting a hoverboard?

When choosing the best hoverboard, you need to look past the brand name. Other more important factors determine the performance and durability of the scooter as well as the rider’s safety.

So, you should focus on the weight limit, maximum speed, travel distance per battery charge, battery power and required charging time. You should also consider the environment in which the scooter exhibits its best performance.

XtremepowerUS Highlights And Features

UL 2272 Certified

There is an unending debate about the safety of hoverboards. Governments have put across safety regulations for manufacturers to ensure the safety of users. XtremepowerUS hoverboard is UL 2272 certified implying that it has satisfied the set regulations. This certification assures you that your scooter will not spontaneously combust as it has passed the various safety tests required by the government.

Speed performance

The XtremepowerUS hoverboard hits an impressive maximum speed of about 8 mph (that’s pretty fast for the price). In this regard, the scooter compares well with other top-ranked self balancing electric scooters. XtremepowerUS uses two 350-watt motors. These motors drive the scooter up to speed silently and efficiently. Even at maximum speed, the hoverboard holds up well under the weight of the rider. There is a little wobbling at high speed but the scooter maintains a great deal of stability.

Relatively lightweight

Compared to some other hoverboards, the XtremepowerUS electric scooter is quite light. It weighs 21.6 lbs, which is not too heavy to carry around when the scooter cannot carry you.

Built-in Bluetooth speaker

Just like many other high-class hoverboards, this scooter comes with a Bluetooth speaker for your fun. The speaker syncs with your phone seamlessly, giving you the pleasure of enjoying your favourite jams as you ride around. Again this an awesome addition for the price – you generally have to pay $100 more for a hoverboard with bluetooth capability.

Outdoor performance

Like most traditional 6.5″ wheel hoverboards, the XtremepowerUS hoverboard is not designed for off-road travel, it works best on smooth ground or indoors. It travels across patches of short grass okay, but will struggle in longer grass and uneven ground. If you want to travel over bumpy terrain e.g. cracks, dirt, long grass, sand, gravel etc. you’re better off opting for XtremepowerUS’s 8.5″ wheel off road hoverboard. This has larger, inflatable heels and is designed to travel over a variety of different terrains.

Ascending and descending slopes pretty much depends on the user’s weight. If your weight is within the recommended range, the hoverboard will take you up a steep hill (14% grade) without major incidents. You won’t experience motor disengagement or freewheeling when going up and down.

Battery life

xtremepowerus hoverboard reviewXtremepowerUS uses a powerful Lithium-Ion battery that’s UL certified. It achieves full charge within 1-2 hours and can run up to 60 minutes with that charge. You can travel a distance of about 6.2 miles before the battery dies, which is not bad performance.  Also key to note is that the battery life depends on the weight of the rider and the surface on which the scooter travels.  Traveling on flat ground, the battery can run the scooter for longer than on bumpy terrain.


Pros of XtremepowerUS hoverboard

  • It’s energy-efficient, allowing you to travel up to 6.2 miles on a single charge
  • Can carry a load of up to 200 lbs #
  • UL 2272 certified thus an assurance of safety LED lights for signalling
  • Bluetooth is rarely available in a hoverboard at this price range, but XtremePowerUS have included it
  • Available at an affordable price
This is currently one of the cheapest hoverboards on the market, but has features and specs similar to the higher priced Razor Hovertrax or Swagtron T1. It even has Bluetooth!

What’s not so great about this self balancing scooter

  • Not great for rough terrain (if you want to travel off road you should opt for a more versatile off road hoverboard)
  • Problems are relatively rare with this hoverboard, but technical problems do occur, and unfortunately not all the comments I’ve seen on customer service have been great – apparently even though there is a customer service phone number, they can be difficult to get a hold of. Hopefully this is something that they’ll work on as good customer service is crucial to the success of any business.
  • Although what you get for the price is good, it’s not the best hoverboard on the market – it does make a great starter board though and is especially popular with kids.

Is It Worth Buying?

XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard UL2272 Certified, Bluetooth Speaker and LED Light (Black Chrome)The XtremePowerUS may not be the fastest board in the market, however, being well powered and being made of durable material, it exhibits acceptable performance. The fun factor is well taken care of by the in-built speaker. You can enjoy cool music as you ride around, and most hoverboards at this price point don’t include bluetooth, so its a definite plus.

As for the battery life, the scooter stacks up fairly well against other scooters. In fact, it performs better than some top-rated brands which go at significantly higher prices. The scooter is made of metallic material that is not easily scratched in different environments. The housing also has a bumper that prevents extensive damage in case of a crash.

This XtremePowerUS hoverboard review rates this scooter as a good basic hoverboard that has decent specs for the price. The scooter  retails for less than most scooters of its calibre  and this makes it a great purchase for someone who’s on a tight budget. If you are starting out on hoverboard transportation, XtremePowerUS is a good scooter to start with especially because it gives you great performance at a low cost.

Where To Buy An XtremePowerUS hoverboard?

My favorite marketplace for hoverboards is XtremepowerUS hoverboard, because they are trustworthy, have a good return policy, and of course they also have fast, free shipping on most products. The XtremePowerUS 6.5″ hoverboard is available there ins a number of different colors, some of which you can see below:

Click Here To See XtremePowerUS hoverboards on Amazon

Amazon also stock XtremePowerUS’s other hoverboards including the 8.5″ off road hoverboard and a 10″ hoverboard. If you’re looking for other shopping options they are also in stock on Walmart.com, Sears and Kmart for the same price.

Got questions about anything in this XtremePowerUS hoverboard review? Just leave a comment in the “leave a reply” box at the bottom of the page.

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