Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooter Transportation

The future of the personal transportation industry looks bright with the rapid growth in the use of electric scooters across the United States streets as well as in the UK. Their popularity has reached major milestones in recent years with Uber teaming up with Lime to make the scooters available for rent through their app.

This is a huge investment deal intended to further boost the popularity of these scooters in US, Europe and around the world.

Electric scooters are quite beneficial for users and the environment as a whole, however they have not been welcomed with open arms by everyone, as some see them as a dangerous means of transport. And not just to the riders, but to pedestrians as well.

In this article we’re going to take a look at their pros and cons to see the benefits as well as the disadvantages that come with them.

Are electric scooters safe? 

With the recent surge in popularity of electric scooters, mainly due to the introduction of dockless rental scooters in many European and US cities by companies such as Bird, Lime and Spin, many people are questioning the safety of these recreational vehicles.

New studies have suggested that electric scooter injuries are on the rise. Accidents have included falls, collisions with objects, and a small percentage of riders have even been hit by moving objects or vehicles.

Although most documented injuries are relatively minor (cuts, bruises etc.) electric scooter accidents can lead to more serious injuries, or even death if riders don’t observe basic safety precautions and take into consideration that they are sharing the road with larger, fast moving vehicles.

The problem is that many people treat an electric scooter like a fun toy rather than a serious personal transportation vehicle.

An electric scooter should be no more dangerous than riding a bike if the proper precautions are taken and rules of the road adhered to. However, the reality is that many riders don’t even wear a helmet, ride at speeds unsuitable for the conditions, and ignore local traffic laws.

With sensible usage, there is no reason why you can’t have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride on an electric scooter. So in answer to the question “are electric scooters safe?”, I would say that yes, they are, but only when used properly.

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