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For anyone looking for a light but strong collapsible scooter, the Swagtron Swagger is one of many electric scooters on the market today.

In fact,

this is advertised as the [su_highlight background=”#fcfc4d”]World’s Lightest Carbon Fiber Powered Electric Scooter[/su_highlight].

But as one of the more affordable scooters on the market how does it compare to the rest, and is it any good? This scooter has a sleek and modern design, and its manufacturers intended for it to fit in with a busy daily life.

An electric scooter is a great way to make the commute to and from work or school, and to give you an additional option when you just don’t feel like walking!

Below, you will find an in depth Swagtron Swagger review, explaining the features, functioning and pros and cons of this product. Read on to find out if the Swagtron Swagger electric scooter is for you!

Swagtron Swagger – what are the highlights?

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  • The Swagger scooter is made from a light weight yet highly robust and durable carbon fiber frame.
  • The wheels are made of rubber with grip on the tires for traction on the ground.
  • This electric scooter is powered by a long lasting Lithium ion battery that will enable you to travel between 10 and 20 km between charging sessions.
  • Charging takes less than an hour and a half.
  • This scooter features all of the controls that you would expect from an electric scooter, such as a handbrake, steering system, throttle and footbrake. This means that the scooter’s user can slow down or speed up and turn tight corners with ease.
  • The Swagtron’s Swagger scooter can take a rider with a weight of up to 250 pounds, whilst the scooter itself weighs just 17 pounds. As such, it is perfect for collapsing up and carrying in a briefcase or rucksack.
  • This scooter is suitable for both older children and adults.
  • In terms of design, the black, slim line, sleek design of this product looks very sophisticated. Aesthetically, it is a chic and modern scooter that will not look out of place on the busy city streets.


How this scooter works

This scooter is very easy to use. First, you must simply charge the battery up by plugging it in, and then you are good for approx 1.5 hours.

The scooter can be used by pushing it with your feet in the manner of a regular scooter, but you can also switch it on to get the benefit of the electric motor.

Once you switch the motor on, the scooter will propel itself along and you can glide through the streets with a minimum of effort.

Control the scooter using the handbrake or the foot brake to slow down and the accelerator to speed up.

A simple touch will collapse the frame of the scooter so that it can be folded up and stowed wherever you like. In fact, one of the selling points of this scooter is the fact that it is designed to be folded up with just one hand.

There are three speed settings on this scooter and you can use the controls to select the one that suits you best. The first setting will cap your top speed at 9 mph. The second caps it at 12 mph. The third setting just lets the scooter travel as fast as it can.





Is it safe?

This scooter has been certified as safe by UL, and has been endowed with a UL safety certificate.

In addition, the Swagger Swagtron Scooter has been fully approved by the TSA for travel on planes, so it is safe for you to take through security when you are flying on holiday as well.

Who should be riding the Swagger scooter?

This is touted as a “last mile solution” which is probably about right seeing as the range is about 5-7 miles. The following are some of the things you might use a Swagtron Swagger scooter for:

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  • Running errands like going to the local shops,  the gym, grabbing a takeaway etc.
  • If you’re a student it would be really useful for getting around campus.
  • Travelling a short distance to and from work, or travelling to and from a bus stop or train station for your commute (because it’s so light with a simple “one click” fold it’s really portable and easy to take on public transport)


    Swagger Scooter folded and ready to carry


  • People with back problems, knee problems etc. who find it difficult to walk short distances would find this very useful.


And of course as it’s suitable for age 12+, kids and teenagers will love it just as a fun method of transportation, and to show off to their friends!

You might think that a max speed of 15mph isn’t that fast, but considering that average walking speed is only about 1-3mph this scooter is actually speedier than you might think. It could definitely cut time off your commute or make it faster/easier to get around.

Swagger Electric Scooter In The Media

[su_note note_color=”#e3f2f9″]In December 2016 the Swagger was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show on her “12 Days Of Christmas” Giveaway. Ellen gave away FREE Swagger Scooters to the entire audience!

As a result, this became one of the hottest electronic gifts for Christmas 2016, and its set to be even more popular for Christmas 2017!  [/su_note]

Pros of the Swagger Swagtron Scooter

  • There are numerous advantages to this product, including the fact that it combines lightness of weight with durability. As it only weighs 17lbs its really easy to fold and carry when not in use.
  • Its speed settings mean that it will help you to travel those shortish commutes to and from work and school with ease. And, the fact that it can carry weights of up to 250 lb means that it will easily take both you and your rucksack full of books or groceries wherever you want to go. Many other scooters only carry a maximum weight of 220lbs (that’s not just your weight – remember to take into consideration the additional weight of something you might be carrying like a school bag or briefcase)
  • Its eco-friendly! Because the scooter is 100% electric there are no emissions so its safe for the environment.
  • Suits a wide range of heights – from 4’3″ – 6’6″.

Cons of the Swagger Scooter

  • swagtron swagger reviewSome users have found that the rubber on the tires of this scooter wears rather easily and needs to be replaced more frequently than is desired. So, extra care may need to be taken here.
  • When this scooter first came on the market it was advertised as having a 17 mile range. Customers weren’t happy when they realised that it didn’t travel as far as they had expected before having to charge it again. Swagtron have since updated their advertising materials to say that it has a range of 5-15 miles which is far more accurate. Although range depends on many factors such as rider’s weight, terrain etc. many users state that they only get about 5-7 miles before needing to charge, so really the scooter is only suitable for shorter distances.

What happens if your scooter gets damaged?

This scooter comes covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

The warranty covers accidental damage and can be used to replace or repair faulty parts.

However, most usually, the warranty will not cover damage that comes about as a result of the user’s own negligence. Once the year is up, you can get your scooter ensured or apply to have the warranty extended for your peace of mind.

The warranty covers only the hardware of the scooter, so many not cover certain aspects of it – and it probably will not cover any accessories that you purchase additionally for the scooter. If you are in any doubt about the scope of the warranty, simply get in touch with customer support.

Unboxing Video & Swagtron Swagger Review

Check out the review video above – this guy says the Swagger is the best electric scooter under $300. I happen to agree!

It’s not perfect, but definitely worth a try

So now that we’ve come  to the end of our Swagger Swagtron review, what’s the verdict – is it worth the investment? I’d say yes, it’s worth a try. This sleek and cool looking scooter is great for anyone who needs a little extra boost as they travel – its fun, but functional too. 

It’s super easy to collapse and carry with you so you can take it just about anywhere, and the carbon fiber frame makes  it strong and durable despite being so light.

The only downside really is that the range is a bit short at about 5-7 miles (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reviewer say they reached the “up to 15 miles” that’s advertised by Swagtron!) For most people this will be fine though seeing as it’s best used as a “last mile” solution to travel short distances.

The price is an absolute steal too – in my opinion this is probably the one of the best portable electric scooters for adults available in this price range. To read more Swagtron Swagger reviews click on the button to visit Amazon:


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