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Swagtron Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

swagtron black friday deals

Swagtron Prices On Amazon

Swagtron are one of the biggest brands in personal transportation in 2019, and like they did in previous years, they will be offering some sweet deals on hoverboards again this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Swagtron’s most popular products are their range of hoverboards, but they also have the Swagcycle, Swagger Scooter, Swagboard electric skateboard and more.

So what Swagtron deals are available this year? Here are some of the current deals:

Swagtron T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard

The Swagtron T580 was released in time for Christmas 2017, and like the T5 and T1 in 2016, this was a very popular choice for hoverboard buyers during the holiday period. Priced at $199.99 on the official website, this is a very good deal considering that it has both Bluetooth, and Swagtron app connectivity. Neither the T1 nor the T5 have either, so this hoverboard is a no brainer! Plus the new T580 has a higher max load (up to 220lbs) and a higher max speed than the entry level T5, so its better all round and more suited to users of all ages. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018 it was reduced to just $199 but it might be reduced further this year.

Here are the current prices on Amazon for the T580:

Swagtron Black Friday Offers On T881

swagtron swagboard twist t881

The Swagtron Swagboard Twist T881 has made its debut appearance in 2018 just in time for Christmas, and at this low price is likely to become one of their hottest selling hoverboards of the holiday period.

This is a lithium free hoverboard so anyone still worried about issues with lithium batteries needn’t be with this hoverboard. This is marketed as a kids hoverboard though so if you’re looking for something that the adults can join in with too go for the T580 instead.

Right now its only available for $159.99 on the official Swagtron.com website and here it is on Amazon: 

Swagtron T6 On Sale For Black Friday

The T6 off road hoverboard was new to the market in 2017 having only been on the market since April. Currently its one of the most affordable all terrain hoverboards on the market and is the ONLY hoverboard on the market that can carry a max weight of up to 420lbs (most other off road hoverboards can only take a max weight of 265lbs). Despite its extra size (10 inch wheels) its still suitable for all ages and is recommended for kids age 8+ up to adult of any age. Here is today’s price for the Swagtron T6:

The Swagtron T6 is reduced to $399.99 on Swagtron.com

Swagtron T1 Deals

The Swagtron  Swagboard Pro T1 came on the market in 2016 as the Swagtron T1 and quickly became one of the top selling models as it was one of the first to be UL certified. It’s still popular today and has been rebranded as the Swagboard Pro. Check out the reviews and you’ll see that its highly rated, although unlike the T580 it doesn’t have bluetooth or app.

Currently its available in black, blue and red for just $249.99 on the official website. Or you can also see it on Amazon below:

Which one should you buy?

The Swagtron T6 with its 10″ wheels and all terrain tyres can navigate a variety of terrains with ease, including sand, grass, gravel and more. It also comes with bluetooth and access to the Swagtron iOS and Android App. So if you’re looking for an off road option, this is the one to buy.

The  Swagtron T580 was their most popular model overall last year and looks set to be just as popular this year, although they may bring out a new model in time for Christmas. This also connects with the app and has bluetooth, but is a standard 6.5″ hoverboard more similar in looks to the T5 and T1 but with extra features. It’s a great price for a bluetooth hoverboard and it gets good reviews.

That’s all we’ve got for now – as soon as we’ve got up to date info on the Swagtron Black Friday prices we’ll update this page. Bookmark us and check back regularly in the run up to November 23rd as its the best time to get a great deal on a hoverboard or other electric rideable. These make an awesome Christmas gift for kids and adults of all ages!