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Gotrax GXL Review: New Scooter On The Block Takes Commuting To A Whole New Level

gxl commuting

The newest in Denver based company Gotrax’s line of electric scooters hit the market in summer 2018, and is already making waves in the personal transportation market. It’s called the Gotrax GXL Electric Commuting Scooter and is a particularly interesting option for anyone looking to cruise through town gas-free. Along with the already popular Xiaomi M365 […]

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Halo Rover X Hoverboard Review – A Look At The New 2018 Model

halo rover x

Hoverboards have redefined fun with their simple but incredibly powerful transport function. Many people who haven’t tried out a hoverboard before are often doubtful about safety and balance. But with the now enhanced top models like the new all terrain Halo Rover X, you can set your worries regarding safety aside and focus on having […]

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Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard Review – Is It Worth The Investment?

Electric skateboarding is, no doubt, a highly rewarding, healthy, and fun pastime. However, not just any other skateboard on the market will deliver the thrill and reliability you might be looking for when hitting the road. This is where the Acton Blink S2 by Acton Global comes in. Designed to combine stability and power, this […]

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Swagtron T8 Hoverboard Review – New Budget Board For 2018

Swagtron is a name which needs no introduction. The company’s range of hoverboards has always been associated with quality, durability and style. In fact, along with Razor, they were one of 2016’s most popular names in electric rideables, and continue to be this year. Their 2017 hoverboards include the Swagtron T6 off road hoverboard, the […]

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GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard Review (Safe Fun For Kids!)

gotrax hoverfly eco hoverboard review

Gotrax is a relatively new Denver based company that focuses on creating hoverboards, electric ATVs and electric scooters. It has quickly risen to the top of the ride on market with a mission to produce “electric rideables that boost imaginations and the possibilities for personal transportation.” This vision and mindset shows the company’s commitment to […]

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