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Welcome to our Qiewa Q1Hummer review. At a glance, it may pass for just any other average electric scooter until you take a closer look at its features and specs. Right off the bat, the Q1 wows with its heavy-duty motor and general construction.

But does it offer a smooth ride?

Here’s a discussion about its riding experience, general construction etc. [toc]

Qiewa Q1Hummer Review: Beneath The Hood

This is a powerful machine that excels at both urban and off-road terrain. Its huge size and weight, however, make it less ideal for kids. It’s best suited for folks aged 16 and above.

Its 800-watt motor is quite powerful and reliable. On a full recharge, it can provide you with a 65-mile max drive distance. One thing we really like about this motor is that it’s a heavy-duty one. And although it still requires a bit of maintenance, you don’t have to worry about it every other day because it’s really well-built.

The system also packs dual shock absorbers which are essential for smooth driving. That’s in addition to the 10-inch pneumatic tires which are perfectly made for all-terrain use.

The Design

The scooter feels quite heavy but in a good way. It has a pretty solid frame and the extra pounds don’t seem to compromise its performance. In the past, we have seen manufacturers struggling to strike a balance between performance and weight but to this end, the Qiewa team seems to have done a good job.

The monstrous motor provides the entire system with the power it needs to provide a stable ride. What’s more? It’s powered by a dependable 18650 lithium-ion battery which besides being powerful is also adequately protected from overheating.

Just How Powerful Is It?

It’s pretty obvious that this is a powerful scooter and to ensure that power is put to good use, it comes with strong shock absorbers. With such shocks in place, you can comfortably zoom past the competition with ease even when bumps and potholes are involved.

We also do like the fact that this machine, despite being fully electric, can be used in different kinds of weather. That’s precisely because of its IP6 waterproof rating. So, even if it’s on a rainy day, you can fully rely on it to take you to work on the other side of town.

And the best part is that the Hummer also comes with splash guards. These come in handy in protecting you when it’s raining.

We also do really like just how stable this electric scooter is. It seems that the engineers have balanced its weight quite well and also done everything possible to achieve the highest safety standards possible. Indeed, it’s even possible to zig-zag through cars in traffic on your way home with this.

And for extra convenience, like other popular scooters such as the Gotrax GXL V2, the Q1 Hummer is foldable. In fact, you won’t need more than 10 seconds to fold it up and pack it up. So, if user-friendliness is what you are after, this particular scooter seems to have all your crucial needs well taken care of.

Key Features

  • 26Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Designed to provide up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) drive distance power, this battery is quite impressive. Of course, the capacity of the battery may reduce depending on the weight of the user and the nature of the terrain used. The manufacturer provides a fairly decent 12-month warranty for the battery which is particularly important for the rider’s peace of mind.

On the flipside, though, the battery takes up to 12 hours to recharge. That’s quite long but perfectly understandable given its huge capacity.

  • User-Friendly LCD Screen

We really like the fact that this rig comes with an easy-to-use backlit LCD screen. Within the screen, you can access all the essential data ranging from the speed and distance covered. The best part is that the screen also displays the remaining battery life. The screen is, however quite basic and may not impress anyone looking for fancy and intuitive stuff.

  • Dual Disc Brake System

As any good Qiewa Q1Hummer review will tell you, brakes are perhaps the most important safety feature for any form of motorized transport, including this one. Cheap scooters use drum brakes which, unfortunately, are quite poor at dissipating heat and, therefore, tend to fade fast.

Fortunately, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer comes with the more advanced disc brakes. These have powerful stopping power and also tend to last quite long. They are also quite valuable and typically cost more than drum brakes.

  • Anti-Theft Alarm

With the rising levels of crime, it’s important to protect your precious assets at all costs. An anti-theft alarm is an easy way to send a signal whenever a malicious person tries to tamper with your rig. Indeed, we are glad to see that this unit comes with a built-in anti-theft alarm system. We’re also glad that this system works quite well and is loud.

  • 3 Speed Modes

Whether you want a high-speed drive, moderate speed or simply wish to cruise around leisurely, the Qiewa Q1Hummer 800watt electric scooter gives you that freedom. You simply need to switch to the preferred mode in more or less the same way you’d switch gears when riding a mountain bike. Each one of these modes provides you with a unique riding experience.

  • Adequate Lighting

Lights are quite important for increased visibility. This scooter packs two headlights and one tail light. The LED lights come in handy when it’s foggy or when it’s getting dark.

  • Pneumatic Tires

These are tubed tires that are made from PVC natural rubber. They come complete with sidewall and tread rubber. For extra power, they feature a carcass steel wire layer along with thick shoulder pads made from plastic.

Qiewa Q1Hummer Specs

  • Motor: 800 Watts
  • Incline: 35 Degrees
  • Drive: Max distance of 65 miles
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 26Ah battery
  • Waterproofing: Rated an IP65 system
  • Tires: Tubed, pneumatic tires with anti-slip treads
  • Overall weight: 55 lbs
  • Max load weight: 550 lbs

Wrapping it up

We’re very impressed by the fact that the Qiewa Q1Hummer team of engineers has paid close attention to detail when designing this scooter. It’s safe (if used correctly), stable, and fun to use. This is a solid machine with a durable design and impressive speed. Well worth checking out whether you’re looking for a scooter for personal transportation, or just something for a bit of fun in your spare time.

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