2019 Hoverkart Review: Top 5 Best Hoverboard Go Kart Attachments

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Hoverboard Go Kart

Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment

Have your kids got bored of their hoverboard? Or maybe they’re just looking to try something new and exciting? If you’ve got a hoverboard (or are thinking of buying one), a hoverkart is a must have hoverboard go kart attachment if you want to take your hoverboarding to the next level. And it’s not just for the kids – it’s completely adjustable so adults can join in the fun too, making it the perfect gift for all the family.

Let’s take a closer look at this awesome piece of kit that can transform your ordinary hoverboard into an electric powered, three wheel vehicle! [toc]

What Is A Hoverkart? aka Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment

A hoverkart, also known as hoverseat, hoverboard seat, hoverboard kart, hoverboard cart attachment or just hoverboard sitting attachment is basically a steel, aluminium or iron frame with a seat that transforms your ordinary 6″, 8″ or 10″ hoverboard (most models) into a go kart.

They are super simple to use – literally all you have to do is strap it on (which takes seconds) and you’re ready to go. There are no hoverboard modifications required. Also most hoverkarts are adjustable which means that they’re suitable for all ages – both kids and adults!

When you first get your cart you’ll see that there is some minor assembly required, but it shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes. After that it’s really quick and easy to attach or remove the hoverboard with the strong, durable velcro straps.

Here’s a Hoverkart review video – you can see this particular hoverboard kart being assembled and then see it in use:

How To Use The Hoverboard Go Kart Seat Attachment

A hoverkart is unbelievably simple to use. First you’ve got to strap it on to the hoverboard using the velcro straps.

Now sit in the seat with your feet resting on the bar at the front. Hold on to the pull rods (steering handles) at either side of the kart, pushing the rods down to move forward or speed up, or pulling the rods up to slow down or retreat.

To turn left: Pull the left rod up and push the right one down

To turn right: Pull the right rod up and push the left one down

You’re basically just using the rods/handles to move the hoverboard in the same way that you would with your feet if you were standing on it.

best hoverkart

What’s So Great About The Hoverkart?

  • It’s suitable for all ages, heights and sizes (can carry up to 220-260lbs depending on the model). So if you buy one of these for your kids, you’ll be able to have a go yourself too!
  • This makes it a perfect gift for all the family. It only takes seconds to install (just strap and go!)
  • It’s far safer than standing on a hoverboard – especially for younger kids or those with poor balance. No more falling off your hoverboard once you’re sitting in a hoverkart.
  • Helps build up kids muscles and practice their motor skills as they learn to control it.
  • A hoverboard seat is the perfect way to rejuvenate the life of an old hoverboard that hasn’t been used in a while! If you’ve got an hoverboard sitting around since last Christmas try attaching a hoverkart and your kids will definitely be interested in using it again.

Is The Hoverboard Included?

hoverkartNo, when you buy a hoverboard go kart what you’re getting is the frame and seat attachment for your existing hoverboard. Hoverkarts are suitable for most major brand name hoverboards including Razor Hovertrax, Swagtron, Gotrax and more. And most will fit 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ standard hoverboards. If you need to double check suitability, ask the seller on Amazon before you buy.

Which One Should I Buy? Best Hoverkarts November,2019

If you check out the hoverboard sitting attachments on Amazon you’ll see that they all look pretty similar. But if you go on to read the Hoverkart reviews, you’ll see that the quality varies quite a bit. Some are definitely not as solid and well built as others. For instance welding quality may not be great making the kart weak/unstable, and the straps (that are used to attach the hoverboard to the hoverkart) have been known to break on some models.

After spending some time researching and studying the Hoverkart reviews myself, the following 5 are the best (in my opinion) that I could find on Amazon. These are well rated with plenty happy customers – do check them out for yourself though before you buy:

Our Top Rated

#1st Rated

Qoovi Cool Mini Hoverboard Kart Accessories Adjustable for -All Heights- All Ages-Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter -Compatible with All Hoverboards,Like A GO-Kart

#2nd Rated

Pilan Cool Mini Kart Hoverboard Accessories for Adjustable -All Heights- All Ages- Self Balancing Scooter

#3rd Rated

KKA Hoverboard Accessories, Hoverboard Seat Attachment Fits Self Balancing Scooter Go Cart Frame

#4th Rated

KKA Hoverboard Accessories, Hoverboard Seat Attachment Fits Self Balancing Scooter Go Cart Frame

#5th Rated

Hishine Go Kart Conversion Kit Hoverboard Accessories for Hoverseat Attachment Cart Adjustable for All Ages

Best hoverboard go kart combo

Best Combo

Gyroor T581 Hoverboard 6.5" Off Road All Terrain Hoverboards with Bluetooth Speaker&LED Lights Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboard with Kart Seat Attachment UL2272 Certified for Kids & Adults

Got any questions about this Hoverkart review? Just post in the box below!

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