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Hover 1 Liberty Hoverboard Just $99 For Black Friday – Our Review

Update: Hover 1 Liberty online stock already sold out – this price is now available in Walmart stores only. If you missed this deal don’t worry, there will be other similar offers available, including this one:

hover 1 liberty hoverboard black friday deal

Walmart are always known for their great Black Friday sale at this time of the year, with discounts on numerous electricals, toys, entertainment items and more. For the last few years they’ve always brought us an exclusive Walmart Black Friday hoverboard deal that gets snapped up VERY quickly. This year it’s the Hover 1 Liberty Hoverboard, and at just $99 is one of the cheapest they’ve ever released (last year’s offer was the Hover 1 Freedom for $149). But at such a low price, is it really going to be any good?

Visit Walmart.com to see it for sale

A quick rundown of the Hover 1 Liberty Hoverboard

Product Hover 1 Liberty
Net Weight 16.3lbs
Max Speed 7.4mph
Charge Time 6 Hours
Certification UL 2272
Water Resistance IPX4
Wheel Size 6.5″
Max Load 160lbs
Range 3 miles

hover 1 liberty electric scooter
As you can see, there are some pluses and some minuses which we’re now going to take a look at in this Hover 1 Liberty hoverboard review.


At 16.3lbs net weight it’s lighter than most other hoverboards of its size. That makes it easier to carry when the battery runs out, or when the weather or terrain is unsuitable for riding. This is especially important if you’re buying for younger kids.


It’s fully UL certified with a safety shielded battery enclosure. This means its electrical systems have been fire safety tested and proven to be safe.

Water resistance

IPX4 water resistant doesn’t mean water proof (no hoverboard is completely waterproof) but it is splash resistant so the hoverboard shouldn’t go bust just because your kid travels through a small puddle. Having said that though I recommend keeping away from ALL puddles and just keeping the hoverboard indoors during wet weather to be safe.


Max speed is pretty standard for a hoverboard costing less than $200. 7.4mph isn’t the fastest, but it’s probably plenty fast for a kid (and that’s who this self balancing scooter is mainly aimed at).

Max weight capacity

The max load is probably the main issue I’d have with this scooter – this is one of the lowest max loads I’ve seen so it’s really only suitable for the younger generation. It only carries up to 160lbs (with a minimum load of 40lbs) so kids and teenagers mainly. Some smaller adults may be able to give this a go ,but I think most adults of average height and weight probably won’t be able to ride this. 

Great for kids and teenagers

This would make an excellent gift for the young person in your life whether its for Christmas, a birthday, or just because. It is a lightweight, easy to ride board, with brightly colored LED lights, full safety certification and features such as non slip foot pads, and a weight capacity of up to 160lbs.

Although its fully fire safety certified the rider will still need to take safety precautions while riding. Always read the manual thoroughly before starting to ride any hoverboard. A pdf manual can be downloaded here before you buy.

How to ride the Liberty

The Hover 1 Liberty self balancing scooter should be fully charged according to the manufacturer’s instructions before initial use. To get on, just stand directly behind the board and place one foot on the corresponding footpad of the hoverboard. When you’re ready, shift your weight onto the foot already on the board and then step on with your second foot quickly and evenly. As long as both feet are placed correctly on the footpads and your center of gravity is level you should be able to easily stand on the hoverboard as if you were standing on the ground.

When you get comfortable standing on the board and maintaining balance you can then learn to move forwards and backwards. The Liberty transporter is very intuitive and only requires very subtle movements to accelerate, decelerate and come to a stop. It’s just a matter of moving your centre of gravity, which usually just requires you to focus on (think about) the direction you want to travel in. This should automatically shift your centre of gravity in a subtle way which will propel you in that direction. So just relax, focus on the direction in which you wish to move, and slightly tilt your centre of gravity to get moving. It’s actually very simple, and kids pick this up really easily (usually even easier than adults).

How does it compare to similar priced boards on the market?

To be honest most hoverboards around the $100-$200 are very similar when it comes to specs and features. There are usually only very minor cosmetic differences such as colors or lights, and slight differences in speed or the (unneccessary IMHO) addition of bluetooth and mobile app. This won’t have any of these bells and whistles that might make it a little more expensive, but ride wise it should be pretty much the same as the others.

The only slight disadvantage I see with this is that it doesn’t carry over 160lbs in weight, and I know from experience that when a new hoverboard comes into the house many of the adults like to have a go too.

Unfortunately as this is brand new to the market and exclusive to Walmart there aren’t any Hover 1 Liberty reviews from customers yet, Hover 1 is a pretty well known and established brand so this should be up to standard.

So should you grab one?

As you can imagine at this price point it’s NOT going to be the best hoverboard on the market this Christmas. However it is a genuine discount and is as good as any other basic self balancing scooter in the $150-$200 price range (except maybe for the low max weight of 160lbs). So you’re definitely getting a decent bargain if you can bag one at $99. It’s a good starter board for anyone new to hoverboarding and I’ve no doubt kids will love it.

Just remember though that with the max weight capacity of just 160lbs this is mainly just one for the kids. There are plenty similar hoverboards on the market with a max load of 220lbs or more but this isn’t one of them.

Already sold out online

I’ve watched the Walmart hoverboard offer for the last few years and it ALWAYS sells out within hours, and of course it wasn’t any different this time. The Walmart sale started on 21/11 10pm ET online and will be in stores on 22/11 6pm ET.

What if you missed the online $99 price?

If you missed the Walmart deal don’t worry, there will be a few more hoverboards reduced to $99 in the coming days. Probably not many (anything under $150 is a REALLY good price for a quality hoverboard) but there will definitely be one or two if this is your budget. We’ll keep you updated on our Black Friday page.


Jason Leeman

Jason Leeman is an engineer, tech geek and personal electric vehicle enthusiast. He loves testing the latest in urban personal transportation and sharing his love of wheels with his kids and his blog readers.

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