Hover 1 Freedom Hoverboard Review

Update June 2018: This item is no longer available for sale.
hover 1 freedom review

Hover 1 Freedom Hoverboard

Hover 1 state that their products are made “to make travelling easy and exciting”, and with their collection of hoverboards, e-bikes, e-scooters and electric skateboards, this may be true. With ultra-modern designs and a high level of technical functionality, Hover 1 manages to create a top-quality range of products for their customers. One such product which carries the brand’s ethos is the Hover 1 Freedom Electric Scooter hoverboard.

The Hover 1 Freedom Hoverboard is the lower spec hoverboard in the Hover 1 family. Despite the brand having two more powerful models, this takes nothing away from the quality and performance of the Freedom Electric Scooter which is still a nice basic hoverboard and available at a reasonable price.

Details about this hoverboard

The Hover 1 Freedom is a basic scooter that does not come with the bells and whistles that many premium hoverboards in the market possess. The hoverboard does not come with a dedicated mobile app or LED indicator lights which are growing in popularity. Moreover, it does not have Bluetooth speakers or a remarkably strong motor.

Below are some of the key features:

  • Motor Rated Power- 250W dual motors.
  • Range per Charge – 5 miles (at load of 110lbs)
  • Learning Mode – No.
  • Bluetooth® Speakers – No.
  • iOS & Android App – No.
  • Battery Voltage – 25.9 Volts
  • LED Movement Indicators – No.
  • Max. Speed – 6.2 miles per hour
  • Max Incline – Able to operate on inclines of up to 17 degrees.
  • Max Weight- 220lbs.

The advantages of the Hover 1

Below are some of the advantages of the Hover 1 Freedom hoverboard:

  • Eco friendly with zero carbon emissions.
  • Wide range of usability with a max weight of 220lbs.
  • IPX4 water resistance rating.
  • Lightweight protective housing for improved portability.
  • Fast 3-hour charge time.
  • UL 2271 battery certification.
  • UL 2272 certified.
  • Reasonable price point making it perfect for new riders.
  • High quality design and finishes.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Not suitable for individuals heavier than 220lbs.
  • No mobile app support on any operating systems.
  • Limited range of 5 miles when compared to the other models that offer a maximum of 12 miles.
  • No LED indicator lights.
  • 17-degree incline is below the general current standard of 30 degrees.
  • Limited 2 color range (red and black).

Hover 1 Freedom vs Hover 1 Ultra vs H1 Electric

There are a few differences between the Freedom and the other two Hover 1 models: The Ultra Electric and the H1 Electric.

Below are brief comparisons between the models:

Hover 1 H1 Electric

The H1 is the top-tier product in the Hover 1 range of products. The H1 hosts all of the current modern advanced technologies and features. Unlike the Freedom, the H1 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 speakers to allow users to listen to their favorite songs while travelling. In addition, the H1 has an accompanying mobile app to allows users to receive updates and check the hoverboards key statistics.

With a more powerful motor and larger frame, the H1 is also able to travel faster (at max speed of 10mph), further (with a max distance of 12 miles) and it is able to carry a heavier load of 264lbs. In addition, the H1 has a more futuristic design and has customizable LED headlights.

The H1 also comes with 3 riding levels, allowing riders to choose between beginner modes and more advanced modes for experienced riders.

With all these extra features and specs, this does mean that the H1 comes at a higher price than the Freedom hoverboard.

Hover 1 Ultra

The Ultra Electric offers a middle ground between the H1 and the Freedom in terms of price, specs and features. Like the H1, the Hover 1 Ultra Electric has improved performance over the Freedom and offers a higher speed (10mph) and max distance (12 miles). However, unlike the H1, the Hover 1 Ultra has the same max load as the Freedom at 220lbs.

The Ultra Electric comes with dual LED lights, but similarly to the Freedom, it does not come equipped with either Bluetooth speakers or a dedicated mobile app. In addition, the Hover 1 Ultra does not offer the same tiered riding levels that the H1 does.

Electrical and fire safety info

When it comes to hoverboards, safety is of paramount importance. With this in mind, there are a lot of safety standards and requirements that the top brands need to adhere to. One such standardization
body is Underwriter Labs (UL), who run numerous tests on products and then issue certification is the requirements are met.

The Hover 1 Freedom comes with a UL 2271 certified battery as well as a UL 2272 certification which approves of the electrical system.

In addition to the UL certifications, the Freedom hoverboard also comes with a MSDS and UN38.3(for the battery) approval. This dedication to safety is crucial especially since these products are often used by children.

To conclude…

The Hover 1 Freedom Hoverboard is yet another great product from the Hover 1 family. Because this product falls on the lower end of the features spectrum, and is offered at a comparatively low price, it is perfect as either a hoverboard for younger or less experienced riders. The lower max speed makes it a lot safer for inexperienced riders and children.

However, because of the max weight of 220lbs, the Freedom hoverboard is not suitable for everyone. Heavier riders will require a stronger model such as the H1, which can carry riders up to 264lbs. In addition, more experienced rider who are looking for a faster and more thrilling experience may be better suited to having one of the more power options like the H1 and the Ultra Electric.

With LED lights and mobile app support becoming the new industry standard, models like the Freedom end up lacking some of the modern features that are becoming the norm.

All in all, at its price point, the Freedom one is an ok entry level hoverboard, but for the price there are better hoverboards available.


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