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With the rise in popularity of electric bikes, more and more people are looking to buy an ebike. But with so many brands and types, it can be difficult to know which electric bike battery is right for you. 

In this blog post we will offer a buying guide for those interested in purchasing an ebike battery.

We will discuss how batteries work, the different types of cells used by most manufacturers, what factors should influence your decision when choosing a new battery pack (such as cost), and our recommended choice for commuters

What Is the Cost of Bike Battery?

What Is the Cost of Bike Battery?

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Whether you plan buying a new battery or replacing an existing one knowing the price of a battery is critical.

That said, how much do the electric bike batteries cost?

Typically, new electric bike batteries cost anywhere from $250 to $900.

The variation in the costs depends on the type of battery, capacity, performance, and brand.

The less expensive electric bike batteries tend to come with 400 wh to 700 wh capacity, while the more expensive electric bike batteries tend to come with above 2,500 wh.

And yes, the brand plays a crucial role in the pricing of a battery.

Generally, established brand names like Bosch and Shimano have their batteries highly placed than other brands.

Finally, like any other product, you get what you pay for.

You should always avoid the low-priced batteries because, in most cases, they're flimsy, and don't have the reliability and sustainability of the premium options.

Why Are E-bike Batteries So Expensive?

Why Are E-bike Batteries So Expensive?

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Most of the electric bikes use lithium batteries.

Here’s the thing with lithium batteries; their design requires a lot of sophisticated technology.

In particular, the batteries have to be managed by a complex internal electronic system, known as BMS or battery management system.

The BMS regulates the charge on this battery to allow balancing the cell state during charging and ensure the batteries have a good life.

The BMS is also responsible for cell voltage control, temperature control, contractor control.

The BMS is generally a sophisticated hardware and software system, and often, the development and costs can run into several thousand dollars, which is why the individual e-bike batteries are quite expensive.

Which Battery Brand Is Best for the E-bike?

Which Battery Brand Is Best for the E-bike?

Shimano and Bosch probably have the best e-bike batteries in the market currently.

This might partly because both brands have been in the bicycle manufacturing domain for a long time.

The bike design, including the componentry, speaks quality and is reliable, too.

However, take note that the batteries from both brands are a tad more expensive than the other brands.

Which Battery Is Best for Bike Dry or Liquid?

Which Battery Is Best for Bike Dry or Liquid?

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The dry cell battery is an intriguing option for e-bikes because it has several benefits over the liquid battery.

However, the real benefit for the dry cell battery, especially for the electric bikes, is a better performance.

The dry batteries are durable, and it's not a surprise they used in many applications, including flashlights, remote controls, and other handheld devices.

Liquid batteries, on the other hand, are maintenance-intensive, requiring regular maintenance of the liquid electrolyte to the recommended levels and, at the same time, avoiding acid spills.

Unfortunately, the dry battery is more expensive than the liquid battery.

The dry batteries also run out faster than the liquid battery, meaning for the same amount of charge, a dry battery will last for a shorter period.

However, they're worth it because of their performance and durability.

Are Electric Bike Batteries Interchangeable?

Are Electric Bike Batteries Interchangeable?

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Eventually, the lifecycle of your electric bike battery will come to an end, needing replacement.

When this happens, you need to contact your electric bike manufacturer for a replacement.

Now, while it's possible to perform a DIY replacement, you should let the electric bike manufacturer do it for you to avoid voiding your electric bike warranty.

But what if the e-bike manufacturer is no longer in business?

Well, you've no option but to visit a local dealer to get a replacement. Ideally, the replacement should have similar specifications to those of the original battery.

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