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Best Cyber Monday Hoverboard Deals For 2018

hoverboard cyber monday
hoverboard dealsAlthough hoverboards are popular all year round, the biggest time of year for hoverboard sales is during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday to Christmas period. They make a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone of any age – the whole family can get involved and its almost guaranteed that everyone will at least want to give it a try! And what better way to keep the kids away from the computer games for a while and get them being active? Hoverboard Cyber Monday deals are a great way to save some money on your hoverboard this Christmas, and could end up saving your $50 or more on your favorite self balancing scooter!

When is Cyber Monday 2018 ?

It will be on November 26th this year. Although this shopping day sometimes has a tendency to be overshadowed by Black Friday (which is no longer just one day) it shouldn’t be forgotten, because sometimes Cyber Monday deals and savings are even bigger than those on Black Friday! In fact Cyber Monday is actually the biggest ONLINE shopping day of the year. In 2016 it raked in a whopping $2 billion for online retailers – up 16% from the year before! Many people are no longer interested in hitting bricks and mortar stores but prefer to do their shopping online.

Where is the best place to get Cyber Monday Hoverboard deals?

Usually the best Cyber Monday deals on hoverboards will be on large online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target. Also if you’re looking for a specific brand the official websites would be a good place to check out. For example Swagtron hoverboards are available on Swagtron.com, Halo Rover and Halo Go hoverboards are available on Haloboard.com etc.

What are the benefits of buying on a dedicated shopping day?

  • cyber monday hoverboard saleIt’s quicker and easier to find what you want because it’s all ONLINE! Browsing offline stores takes a lot longer when you consider traffic, parking, crowds etc.
  • Products that get marked down on Cyber Monday are usually serious steals – often products that are marked down for Black Friday get discounted even further on by Monday
  • You don’t have to brave the shops, and you can shop online from anywhere – even at work (just don’t get caught!)

this might only be America’s second favorite shopping day of the year, but if you’re looking for a hoverboard don’t miss out on the deals that will be available.

Jason Leeman

Jason Leeman is an engineer, tech geek and personal electric vehicle enthusiast. He loves testing the latest in urban personal transportation and sharing his love of wheels with his kids and his blog readers.

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