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Best Refurbished Hoverboards For Sale In 2018 – Save up to 50%

refurbished hoverboard

Refurbished Hoverboards For Sale

The average cost of a good hoverboard is about $200-$500, which for many people isn’t cheap. If you want to save some money and you’re not too concerned about aesthetics, looking for refurbished hoverboards for sale might be an option. Many of these hoverboards are almost as good as new, but because they’re considered “used”, they are much less expensive than buying brand new out of the box.

What Is a Refurbished Hoverboard?

These are usually hoverboards that have been returned by a buyer and re sold after being repaired and tested by technical experts. They are no longer “new” but should be in perfect working order. The main downside to buying refurbished is that there will likely be some minor aesthetic damage to the exterior of the product e.g. small scratches or dents. Some manufacturers will offer a short warranty for a refurbished product, however not all do. You’re usually just buying the product “as is”.

Are Refurbished Hoverboards safe?

Refurbished hoverboards from a reputable brand like those we list on this page should be safe. None of these brands have had any safety issues with their products, and when they take a return and refurbish it, they repair and test the product fully before reselling it.

We can’t provide any guarantees of course. For your own security and peace of mind it’s always better to buy a hoverboard with a warranty, because in the event that it doesn’t work as advertised, you can return or exchange it within the warranty period.

As with any hoverboard, you should use it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Always read the manual before use and take care not to overcharge your product or leave it unattended while charging.

Best Refurbished Hoverboards For Sale 2018

NOTE: The following hoverboards are available at the time of writing. Stock is always limited though, and they WILL sell out quickly.

If you want a cheap refurbished hoverboard grab yours soon because the next time you look, they might be gone!

The cheapest refurbished hoverboard by far right now is the Swagtron T5 (Turbo Five) which is currently on offer.

Swagtron Turbo Five

This costs just $139.99, the cheapest recertified hoverboard available at the moment. Plus we’ve got a coupon code that can save you an extra $10 and get you FREE shipping (see below).

At that price I suspect they’ll see out pretty quickly so if you want one, now’s the time to buy – it’s currently only available in black and comes with a FREE bag!


The Swagtron Turbo Five With FREE Bag – Just $129.99 with the following coupon code: swag-1511A965BLHP

Specs and Features

  • UL2272 certified
  • Durable Outer Body Casing (with minor scratches and dents)
  • Tire Size: 6.5 inches
  • Range: Up to 7 miles
  • Top Speed: 7mph
  • Max Weight: 187lbs
  • Battery: UL2271 certified battery with Sentryshield protection

Is there a warranty?

30 day limited return policy and an impressive 90 day warranty.

Don’t Forget To Use Coupon Code: swag-1511A965BLHP (for an extra $10 off & FREE Shipping)

Swagtron Turbo One

The famous Swagtron T1 or Turbo One (which normally sells for $249.99) is available recertified for $149.99. Check out our Swagtron Turbo One review here for more info on features and specs etc. It includes a 90 day warranty!

Recertified Swagtron Turbo One for sale on the official website (Just $139.99 with our coupon code)

Swagtron T3

You can also get a recertified Swagtron T3 for just $199.99 (normally sells for $349.99 new). Also includes a 90 day warranty. For  more info see our review here.

Recertified Swagtron T3 For $189.99 on the official website (with our coupon code)

Use Coupon Code: swag-1511A965BLHP

Streetsaw Refurbished hoverboards

Streetsaw offer a number of different refurbished and pre owned hoverboards, starting at just $299.99. They don’t just refurbish their own brand – they refurbish all types and brands of self balancing scooter which have been traded in or exchanged for Streetsaw hoverboards. They then sell them at lower than retail prices.

All are sold “as is” and so the condition varies, and color selection is limited to what’s in stock at the time (contact them to request a particular color and check if its available). All their boards are in good working condition, however they will have scratches and aesthetic defects (like all pre owned hoverboards) and you may not necessarily get a Streetsaw branded hoverboard.

Specs And Features

As these are all different models this will vary. The following are the typical specs you can expect.

Tire Size: 6.5, 8 or 10 inches
Range: 8-10 miles
Speeds: Up to 9 mph
Max weight capacity: 220-265lbs
Battery Type: LG, Samsung or basic (request one with a branded battery)
Battery life: 3-5 hours
Battery charge time: 90-120 minutes

Hoverboard weight and dimensions depends on the model. The best thing to do if you want to buy is contact Streetsaw and find out what they’ve got available.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a limited 30 day store warranty. For your warranty to be valid you must register it on the website as soon as you receive your hoverboard. There are warranty exclusions so you should check out their warranty page (the bit about pre owned hoverboards) before you buy.

Refurbished vs Recertified: What’s The Difference?

Most people don’t know the difference between refurbished and recertified, and indeed many companies themselves use the terms interchangeably without understanding them fully. Refurbished is similar to recertified, but generally doesn’t come with a warranty and is sold “as is”. A refurbished product might never even have been sold due to damaged packaging, a missing manual etc. Most have been pre owned though and are checked for defects to make sure they perform as new before reselling. Many will have had a repair of some sort.

Recertified products usually come with a short warranty against functional defects – typically 30-90 days. Although every manufacturer will have their own standards for recertification, a recertified product will generally have been thoroughly inspected by qualified technicians and are tested to make sure they meet the same factory specifications as a new product. Recertified products are often those that were returned within 30 days in perfect working order or just needing a minor repair.

In conclusion

Any of the hoverboards mentioned above should be a good buy as they are from reputable companies that refurbish or recertify their products to a high standard – some almost as good as new. Aesthetically, they will probably have some scratches and dents, but after a few uses a brand new hoverboard would have the same anyway. Just remember, all will have a shorter warranty than a new product so there is always an element of risk when buying used. For many people though the saving will be worth the risk!

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