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SWAGTRON Coupon – Don’t Buy Swagtron Without The BEST Available Discount!

Want to save money on one of the top hoverboard brands of 2018? This Swagtron coupon code will save you $10 off ANY of the rideables on their website (and it will also give you FREE shipping).

We’ve done our research and this is Swagtron’s BEST DEAL AVAILABLE right now.

Coupon sites might tell you that you can save more, but this is the only OFFICIAL Swagtron coupon 2018 that works for all products!

If we find a better offer we’ll make sure to keep this post updated! Here it is: 

$10 Off Coupon For ANY Swagtron (+ FREE Shipping)

Copy this code: swag-1511A965BLHP

Use when buying on the official Swagtron site – scroll down the page for step by step instructions. 

Also works for recertified hoverboards. You can get a recertified Swagtron T5 for as little as $129.99!

You can’t go wrong with Swagtron as a company – they’re one of the most exciting and innovative manufacturers of rideables for 2018 with 4 different hoverboards, the T1, T3, T5 and T6, an electric skateboard – the Swagboard NG-1, an electric scooter – the Swagtron Swagger, the Swagroller unicycle, and even an affordable e-bike called the Swagcycle.

swagtron coupon codes

Their commitment to safety is second to none and they were actually the FIRST company to be awarded UL 2272 certification for their hoverboards. And your Swagtron coupon can be used on any of the above mentioned products!

It’s very simple. Here's how to get your discount:

  • Step 1: If you haven't already done so, first you must copy the following code: 
  • swag-1511A965BLHP

  • Step 2: If you’ve searched for a Swagtron discount code then you probably already have an idea which product you want to buy. Even if you don’t, the next step is to visit the official Swagtron website as that’s the only place that your Swagtron coupon code will be valid.
  • Step 3: Now, choose the product (or products) you want to buy. You can use the discount on any of their rideables - hoverboards are the most popular!
  • Step 4: Click on the “buy now” or “add to cart” button. When your item is added to the shopping cart you’ll see a little box on the left hand side for the coupon code. Just copy and paste the code we’ve given you into the box, and then click on apply coupon.

You’ll notice that the discount has been applied and you now have $10 off each item in your cart. So if you’ve bought 3 different items you’ll get a discount of $30! Plus you’ll also have been given FREE shipping.

  • Step 5: Now just proceed to checkout and complete your order!

So you can basically get a hoverboard for as little as $159 (the Swagtron T5 is $169.99 before applying the Swagtron coupon code). That’s one of the cheapest UL 2272 certified hoverboards on the market and is great for beginners or kids! 

The Swagtron T1, which is one of our top rated hoverboards for 2018 is only $239.99 with the $10 discount.

The T3 (their bluetooth hoverboard) is currently reduced to $349.99 and just $339.99 with the Swagtron coupon 2018.

The brand new T6 off road hoverboard is normally priced at $449.99 but with the discount you can get it for just $439.99!

You won’t get Swagtron products cheaper anywhere else online – their products are sold by many different retailers, but the discount only applies on their own official website.

There ARE other websites that offer a Swagtron promo code but they will all be offering the same $10 discount and FREE shipping – so no need to look any further as this is the BEST DEAL! 

Here's The Code Again: Get $10 Off


Copy the above code and click to visit the official site (just add your chosen product to the cart and there you’ll find the “coupon code box” where you can paste in the code and get your $10 Swagtron discount PLUS free shipping)

Remember, you get $10 off EACH item you add to your cart, so it’s especially worth it if you’re buying multiple items. Lots of people buy 2 or more for their kids or as gifts, and the savings do add up.

Jason Leeman

Jason Leeman is an engineer, tech geek and personal electric vehicle enthusiast. He loves testing the latest in urban personal transportation and sharing his love of wheels with his kids and his blog readers.

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