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Best Hoverboard Skins and Decals 2017 – Customize and Protect Your Board

Hoverboarding continues to be popular in 2017, and hoverboards/self balancing scooters are safer and better quality than ever before. Many hoverboard accessories are now available to use on, or with your scooter – things like hoverboard skins, stickers, decals, wraps, bumpers, go kart attachments and more can improve your riding experience. Whether you want a […]

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Best Hoverboards Under $200 (Mar 2017)

If you’re looking for the best hoverboard under $200 your choices are going to be relatively limited. The $200 hoverboard was all the rage when they first came on the market, but unfortunately it was soon found that these super cheap self balancing scooters were often badly made, with inferior materials, and batteries that were […]

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Where Can I Buy Hoverboards Under $100?

If you’re looking for hoverboards under $100 you’re probably in the market to buy wholesale hoverboards? Or maybe you just want to buy one at the cheapest price possible. Either way, you might end up disappointed. Even in a clearance sale you’ll probably find that hoverboards are not quite that cheap – I’ve researched many different US […]

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