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Monorover R2 Review

Update: This item is no longer available for sale.
monorover r2 reviewWelcome to my Monorover R2 review! Along with brands like the Swagway and Powerboard, Monorover R2 was another top selling hoverboard brand in 2015. Coming in at around $499 at the time, this was classed as one of the best mid range hoverboards on the market.

It wasn’t the cheapest, but it was far from the most expensive and Monorover have maintained a good reputation for manufacturing safe, reliable and fun transportation devices. It’s popularity was very much driven by social media as this was a favorite among Youtubers.

This is one of the few hoverboards that actually contained UL approved battery packs from the very beginning and is one rideable that hasn’t had any bad press with regards to safety. After hoverboards hit a rough patch (it was found that many were unsafe and caused fire damage and battery explosions) a whole new generation of safer, better designed hoverboards have come on the market in 2016. The Monorover R2 has yet to be updated, but is still a consistent seller and reputable brand. 

Here are some of the features and specifications:

monorover r2 black whiteThis might be a 2015 model but the features and specifications really haven’t changed much in 2016 for the newer models. Things like speed, maximum load, range per charge etc. are  all the same. So you really wouldn’t be missing much by ordering this product – the main difference between this and the next generation hoverboards is the design and of course the new UL 2272 certification.

Here’s a quick rundown on this product:

Maximum Charge Time: 2-3 hours

Weight limit: 225lbs

Wheel size: 6 inch

Weight: 24lbs

Distance: 9-12 miles

Max speed: 8mph

Warranty: 1 year US warranty

Is it safe?

The R2 has a UL certified battery pack and charger which is the required standard for today’s hoverboards. Monorover have always used safe components from the very beginning. This model isn’t yet UL 2272 certified (the new voluntary hoverboard safety certification) but is likely to be in the near future. When that happens you can probably expect the price to go back up to around $500.

As with any product for safety you should not charge your hoverboard overnight and only when you’re in the house. That goes for the newer models too!

What’s good about the Monorover R2?

There are a few things that make the Monorover R2 a good choice if you’re on a budget.

  • The price is affordable. It’s currently on sale at just $299.99, and this is the exact same model that cost $499 when it was first released. The reason for the price drop is probably due to the fact it’s not yet UL 2272 certified, however it does have a UL certified battery pack and charger so is still safe.
  • It’s absolutely the best priced brand if you are buying in bulk, which many people do especially if they’re buying for their kids or other family members. Nowhere else can you get a hoverboard with UL certified battery for such a low price. If you’re buying 4 you can get them for as little as $200 each.
  • Monorover has warehouses in the US, UK and EU so is widely available unlike many other brands which are only available in the US.

What’s not so good

  • It doesn’t come in a wide variety of colors. Usually only black or white, although sometimes red and blue are also available. Most newer models come in a wide range of different colors.
  • It’s not yet UL 2272 certified but I believe it has been submitted for testing so in the likely event that it gains approval the price will definitely go up, probably back to the previous price of $499.
  • The design is kind of “2015”, newer models like the Swagtron have a more modern look and are probably created to be more durable now that manufacturers have a better understanding of what makes a good hoverboard.

Monorover R2 Vs R2D

You may have heard that Monorover have more than one model. The R2 is the most popular, but the R2D does come with a few extras that some people might find useful. Of course with extra features the price is also increased (currently $399 but even better prices available if buying in bulk).

The R2D is slightly faster, carries a heavier load, has a longer distance per charge, and is slightly lighter to carry. Is it worth the extra money though? That’s for you to decide. Personally I think that if I was going to spend $400+ on a hoverboard I’d spend it on one of the newer models which cost the same but are more modern but with features that are just as good.

monorover r2d

Monorover R2D

My Verdict

This has all the makings of a quality product and my research hasn’t uncovered any negative comments or stories about the Monorover R2 (certainly nothing about fires or explosions). As a 2015 product this is not the most up to date model but this is reflected in the price, and you can be sure that once Monorover release their next generation hoverboard the price will increase along with it. The actual features of the newer models really aren’t that much different other than the fact they are now being made with more durable outer shells and they have a more modern looking design.

Definitely recommended if you want to save money – it’s definitely not my first choice, but good if you’re on a budget.

Where to buy the Monorover R2

Please note: The Monorover is no longer available for sale.

The best place to buy an official Monorover R2 is on the official website (no longer available however). It’s not currently available on Amazon or eBay. If you buy elsewhere you need to be careful because there have been imitation Monorovers on the market and if you get one of those, you won’t be covered by the warranty. Plus you can’t be guaranteed that it will be made to the same high standards and specifications.

I hope you’ve found our Monorover R2 review useful. If you have any questions or comments about this product please post below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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