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Hoverboard Price In 2018 – What To Expect If You Buy A Hoverboard This Year

hoverboard priceHoverboards (or self balancing scooters) have been around for a few years now, but hoverboard prices have varied from year to year. They first came on the market in 2015 and were hugely popular, especially during the Christmas season. Back then the most popular hoverboard price point was approximately $300, but at the time you could have paid anything up to $1600 if you wanted the celebrity’s self balancing scooter of choice, the IO Hawk.

Really there was little difference between the cheap and the expensive models though – many were made in the same factories, and at the time, NONE were regulated or safety certified.

The hoverboard industry in 2015 – cheaper was NOT better

Unfortunately it was discovered soon after this boom in sales, that many of 2015’s $300 cheaper boards (which were mostly mass manufactured in China) were unsafe – many were made with cheap materials, and generic lithium batteries which ended up causing fires which resulted in personal injuries and fire damage to hoverboard users homes. After massive recalls of many generic, as well as “top” brands because of unsafe batteries, it seemed like the hoverboard market was over as fast as it had started.

Introduction of the UL 2272 certification – average hoverboard price goes up

In 2016 (too little, too late for some), the UL 2272 certification for hoverboards and other personal e-mobility devices was introduced. This is an electrical system certification, which is now the accredited USA & Canada national standard for hoverboards, and is designed to test the electrical, battery and charger system of electrical e-mobility devices to ensure their safety.

UL certified its first hoverboard in May 2016, and since then most major brands have had their hoverboards pass the strict testing and evaluation procedures involved in gaining the UL 2272 certification. Expensive testing and improved hoverboard quality drove up the average hoverboard price, and a basic hoverboard that might have cost $300 initially, was now costing between $400 and $500.

Hoverboard price in 2017 went back down

By 2017, most hoverboards had UL certification. Any that aren’t UL 2272 certified in 2018 shouldn’t even be considered, as non certified boards pose too much of a risk to personal safety. Because UL certification is no longer unique to certain brands, the average price of a hoverboard has actually gone back down. In fact with so much competition on the market right now, a basic hoverboard is considerably cheaper than it was in 2016. You can get a traditional starter hoverboard on Amazon right now for as little as $200, and yes, they’re properly UL certified and safe.

Amazon and Best Buy are just two of a few different retailers that ONLY allow the sale of fully certified hoverboards that WON’T explode or catch fire.

So what can you expect if you’re buying a hoverboard in 2018?

The following are a few of the starter prices for hoverboards right now:

  • Basic hoverboards from just $200 (although expect to pay up to $300 for a well known brand such as Swagtron or Razor Hovertrax)
  • Bluetooth hoverboards from just $300
  • Off road hoverboards from just $450 (the average price of an all terrain hoverboard is about $600)

So in terms of hoverboard price, there’s something for everyone. If you’re buying for younger kids and don’t want to spend too much, it’s not too difficult to find a hoverboard on sale for around $200 (if you can’t find any on sale right now the Black Friday hoverboard sale at the end of the year is pretty awesome for deals – there are usually some great prices available then).

Now is the best time to buy a hoverboard, because in 2018, not only are they UL 2272 certified, but they’re also cheaper than they’ve ever been!

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If you’re looking for something for an adult or older kid, off road hoverboards are definitely the order of the day for 2018. Sure they’re more expensive, but they’re super sturdy, more durable, carry a heavier weight, and best of all they travel over a variety of different terrains – sand, gravel, grass and more (traditional cheaper hoverboards are really only suitable for smooth ground and can’t really handle bumps etc.) The top rated off road hoverboard for 2018 is the Halo Rover (which costs $600, but you can get cheaper off roaders starting at about $450).

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