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Halo Rover Hoverboard Review – Best Off Road Hoverboard?

Best Hoverboard 2017
The Halo Rover is our #1 rated hoverboard for 2018! halo rover hoverboard reviewStrong, durable, safe, and with awesome off road capability, this is a board that a rider of any age would be proud to own!

Unfortunately Halo Rover are NOT doing a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale as the Rover is already heavily discounted. However you can get $20 OFF here on the official website with coupon code RIDE20

Halo Rover Off Road Hoverboard

Halo Rover Off Road Hoverboard

With the hoverboard market expanding in full force we are treated to one innovation after the next, and the Halo Rover all terrain hoverboard is one of the most interesting additions to the lineup to date. The company responsible for its creation started as a small business over ten years ago, back in 2005. They shot for the stars, and today Halo Board is an international player with offices in the United States, France, Germany and Cyprus, counting over five hundred employees.

In other words, this is definitely one of the most proficient and reputable companies to enter the hoverboard race, and based on actual Halo Rover hoverboard reviews (from real users) this is actually head and shoulders above many of the rest on the market. 

The following is our Halo Rover review:

Specs & Features

As with literally any product you’re planning on buying, the first step is to look at its specifications and see what it can concretely offer you.

In the case of the Halo Rover, here’s what you get with this scooter:halo-rover-tires
• Measurements of 9.1 by 8.7 by 27.5 inches and a weight of 32 pounds.

• High-grade Aluminum is the main material used in the construction – this is far superior to the materials used in basic hoverboards.

• The maximum weight capacity is of 265 pounds (standard hoverboards usually only have a max weight of about 220lbs).

• It goes at a speed of 10 miles per hour (faster than the average board)

• It can travel a distance of 10 miles on a single charge.

• It can climb hills up to an angle of around 18-20 degrees.

• LED lights are included in order to increase your visibility for cars and other pedestrians.

• The wheels measure 8.5 inches each in diameter and have all-terrain capabilities. This is bigger than the standard 6.5 inch wheels and it adds to the durability and stability. Unfortunately it does also add to the product weight too (it weighs about 32lbs).

• At the moment, it’s the only model which includes protective guards for the wheels, also made from aluminum.

• It has an integrated Halo Bluetooth speaker so that you can play music from your phone while riding.

halo-bluetoothIt comes with a smartphone application which allows you to keep watch over the speed you’re travelling at, the distance you’ve journeyed, and the amount of power left. The app can also be used to adjust various settings, such as the speed and the steering sensitivity. It even has three different modes for various users: training, normal and advanced.

• It comes with self-balancing technology that makes the ride smoother and more stable.

• It includes a heavy-duty carrying case with a shoulder strap, a rather convenient addition considering this hoverboard isn’t exactly on the light side of the scale. Watch out for special offers because sometimes this comes free with your purchase! 

• It has a retail price of around $1000, but with a bit of shopping around you can usually find it for few hundred dollars less than this. On the Halo Board website it’s currently about $647 (prices can vary depending on the color or whether or not it’s on sale)

Halo Rover Vs Halo Board

halo boardIf you’ve taken the time to visit the company’s website then you know they also have this thing called the HaloBoard. It’s basically an electric skateboard, but with only one big wheel in the middle.

For the most part, it’s pretty similar to the Rover, with one difference being that with the Halo Board you need to position your body as you would with a traditional skateboard, rather than standing straight and facing forward. It can also reach slightly higher speeds at 12 miles per hour, with the battery and travel distance lasting about the same.

The electric skateboard does come at a lower price of about $500, but at the cost of a weaker performance; it has trouble tackling steeper slopes, you can’t use it on all terrains, and it’s very uncomfortable to use on bumpy surfaces.

The way I see it, if you can afford to spend an extra couple hundred dollars, the Halo Rover’s stronger performance is very much worth the additional investment.

Is the Halo Rover safe?

This self balancing scooter has received the coveted UL2272 certification, an official seal of approval from a renowned non-profit organization that the product meets all the safety standards of the industry. This means that all the stories and cautionary tales of hoverboards catching fire simply don’t apply here; the battery is completely safe and of very high quality.

As a matter of fact, the people behind the HaloBoard even took the extra step to meet the IPX4 water resistance compliance standards, making it one of the sole affordable hoverboards that can be used in the rain and won’t be damaged by splashes of water. That’s actually quite a big deal and the case isn’t being overstated: virtually every single other hoverboard in this price range is very vulnerable to water except the Epikgo.


What we like

As you might imagine from what you’ve just read, there are quite a few qualities that deserve some commendation.

  • It’s built extremely tough and resilient, can achieve a relatively high top speed and maintain it for a respectable distance.
  • It can tackle inclines and even small hills without much of a problem.
  • The smartphone app is simple to use and will prove to be quite rewarding for hoverboard enthusiasts who are just starting their training.
  • Finally, the safety certifications are a huge bonus as they are a solid source of confidence that the Rover will keep on working properly for ages to come.

free halo carry case

There’s very little not to like, but…

This certainly doesn’t happen very often, but this all terrain hoverboard virtually has no drawbacks to speak of, other than two minor issues, starting with the weight. Seeing as how you can travel for no more than one hour at top speed, you will run into moments when the board simply runs out of juice and you have to carry it. At 32 pounds it it’s pretty heavy, even with the carrying bag that comes with it – the average basic hoverboard (not all terrain) is usually about 5-10lbs lighter.

Second of all, while the price is fantastic for all you’re getting, it objectively remains somewhat high for some of us – it’s not what you could consider a “budget” option.

What are users saying?

Halo Rover hoverboard reviews are incredibly positive – in fact its probably the hoverboard with the highest ratings available at the moment (check out the reviews on Amazon or Halo Board). Even though the best hoverboards all now have UL2272 certification and are safe, many still do have technical problems. The most popular brand in 2017 is Swagtron, but if you look at their reviews on Amazon they’re still only average compared to the reviews which are left for the Haloboard (which are all genuine I might add!)

Reviewers say that its safe, durable and sturdy. It is also said to be easy to control, and many people commented that its all terrain capabilities are second to none, travelling comfortably over grass, dirt tracks etc. Labelled a “tank” and a “beast” you can see why this is rated the #1 hoverboard for 2017

Halo Rover vs Epikgo – how do they compare?

The Epikgo all terrain hoverboard is the Halo’s main rival in the self balancing scooter industry. You can’t really compare either of these to basic hoverboards like the Swagtron or Razor Hovertrax as these are all terrain and are significantly stronger and more powerful in every way (of course this is also reflected in the price). So when comparing it to the Epikgo, what are the main differences, and which one comes out on top?

What’s interesting first of all is that if you compare the two side by side, they look almost exactly the same:

halo rover vs epikgo

Which off road hoverboard?

The tyres, the wheel design, the body shape, the size, and even the markings on the footpads – they’re all the same. However there is one main difference:

The Epikgo does NOT have bluetooth capability whereas the Rover does, and that’s where the price difference comes in.

Let’s take a look at the features that are the same:

  • Travels up to 10mph for up to 10 miles
  • UL 2272 certified
  • All terrain with 8.5 inch tires
  • Maximum weight of 260lbs
  • Mobile App
  • LED Lights
  • Hill climbing capability of 18 degrees
  • Water resistant
  • 400w dual motors

I could go on – but you’ll find if you check out both products for yourself, they really are very similar indeed except for the fact that the Halo Rover has bluetooth and the Epikgo does not (consequently the Epikgo also weighs slightly less).

Just to confuse things even more we could also throw the Jetson V8 into the mix (another hoverboard brand with a similar all terrain hoverboard). Like the Halo Rover, the V8 DOES have bluetooth capability and built in speakers.

So looking at all 3 (which obviously have alot of similarities) which should you choose? Although the Halo Rover is the clear favorite (check out user reviews on Amazon) the Jetson V8 is certainly a contender when it comes to price – there’s a pretty big difference! The Epikgo is also a great board, but because it lacks bluetooth, wouldn’t be our first choice.

Halo Rover Hoverboard Price – How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re interested in this hoverboard you’ll probably want to know how much is the Halo Rover? Being an off road hoverboard and more powerful in general than standard hoverboards, this is understandably more expensive. Not prohibitively expensive though!

There are two main retailers that stock Halo products: The official HaloBoard website and Amazon *the seller on Amazon is actually HaloBoard anyway*

The price on Amazon is currently Out of stock for the black edition. This is the only one for sale on Amazon at the moment, and is their most popular board.

At the time of writing, the price on the official website is $597 for the black edition and $647 for the pink or white edition.

That’s only about $200-$300 more than a standard hoverboard, and about $150 more than an ordinary hoverboard with bluetooth, but this off roader has A LOT more power and functionality. Ask any buyer who’s tried both and I guarantee they’ll tell you spend that extra bit of money – its worth it!

Although Amazon is popular for buying hoverboards, the official website stocks a wider variety of colors, has the blue racer edition and even the standard Halo Go. It’s worth checking out the user reviews on Amazon though before you buy.

Is this hoverboard suitable for kids?

Judging by the size of it (8.5 inch wheels vs the normal 6.5 inch wheels of a basic hoverboard) you might wonder is it suitable for children. Actually the minimum weight is just 45lbs, so if your child weighs over this then there’s a good chance they’ll be able to control it without a problem.

As long as your child is over the minimum weight and over the age of about 8 this off road board is suitable. Looking at the user reviews on Amazon it seems many children and teens got this scooter for Christmas and are thoroughly enjoying their new board! And of course there’s no upper age limit – just an upper weight of about 265lbs.

Warranty information – what if something goes wrong?

The hoverboard comes with a 12-month worry-free guarantee, meaning that if within a year of purchase some manufacturing defect appears you can send the board back to be repaired or replaced if necessary. There are however some conditions under which a return cannot be requested, and though they mostly have to do with fraud I would recommend that you read through them anyways.

halo rover hoverboard

Verdict – Is this worth buying?

And thus, the time comes for the final verdict.

Though this board comes at a price that’s a bit out of reach for some of us, it is without doubt one of the best hoverboards you can find right now, and that goes double if you can get it on sale. It’s only January so this might change, but for now this is THE #1 hoverboard of 2017 based on user reviews.

It delivers on all fronts, there are no complaints to be found about it, it has all the certifications you could ever ask for and the company behind it has an impeccable reputation.

Whether you’re new to the phenomenon or have been hoverboarding since day one, the Halo Rover will offer an immensely rewarding experience… one which others cannot match for the moment. Highly recommended!

Where to find the Halo Rover hoverboard for sale?

At the time of writing it’s available on the official website and on Amazon. Amazon only have the black edition in stock though so the HaloBoard website is probably a better option in terms of choice. Do compare prices between the two though if it’s the black one that you want – sometime one is up to $50 cheaper than the other!

Click Here To Visit The Official Halo Rover Website

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Teresa - October 26, 2017

Which hover board would be the safest and easiest to use for a child who does not have the best balance?


    Jason Leeman - November 1, 2017

    The Halo Rover actually is a pretty good one for stability. In general the off road hoverboards tend to be sturdier, although they’re more expensive too and probably a little easier for an older child to control. One of my daughters has poor balance with low muscle tone and I got her the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 (I got it for a good price here on Amazon). Their Everbalance technology is very intuitive and although she still needs a little help from us, she’s loving using it. Actually I think with use it’ll probably help to improve her balance in the long term.


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