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Best Black Friday/Christmas Hoverboard Deals 2017 – Crazy Discounts & Savings!

Last updated – Dec 16th – Hot holiday offers with Christmas delivery!

Black Friday Hoverboard Deals 2017

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 On Sale

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 (our top pick for safe riding for kids) has been reduced to Out of stock on Amazon (black, white and blue). Razor is an established brand and their electric scooters and hoverboards are consistently highly rated. This is a great price for the Razor but as its early in the week the price may yet drop further – you do run the risk of it going out of stock the longer you wait though!

Its also reduced on Walmart.com  (purple (exclusive to Walmart) is reduced from $399 to $298).

Swagtron Prices Are Discounted!

Right now the lowest price Swagtron is the T5, and is still popular even thought its not the best rated of the Swagtron range (it’s mainly suitable for kids/young adults as it has a slower speed, lower max weight capacity etc.) Last year’s best price was $249.99 so this year is an even better time to buy.

The best price for the popular Swagtron T1 (their most popular hoverboard in 2016) is $249.99 (last year’s was $297.99) on Swagtron.com. Find it here, and  use coupon code swag-1511A965BLHP to get an extra $10 off each item you buy(+ FREE shipping)   – that makes it just £239.99!

The T1 is also available on Amazon:

Swagtron T6 Off Road hoverboards are currently priced at $449.99 on Amazon, and $449.99 on the official website. This is one of the best value off road hoverboards available for 2017.

Hoping the other colors will also drop to the same price by the weekend but you never know what to expect! I’ll keep this page updated though if I find any other offers.

Black Friday Gotrax Hoverfly Deals
gotrax hoverfly eco hoverboard review


Gotrax Hoverfly is shaping up to be one of the biggest new brands of 2017, hot on the heels of current popular rideable companies like Razor and Swagtron.

Their best priced hoverboard, the Gotrax Hoverfly ECO has been reduced from $199 to just $179.99! This has only just come back into stock after selling EVERY hoverboard over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend! It won’t last long so if you want one, get yours now.

Their other hoverboards, the Hoverfly PLUS and Hoverfly XL are still out of stock 🙁

Hoverboard helmets and 1 year extended warranties also on sale at Gotrax.com

Segway Black Friday Deals

Segway MiniPRO 2018 Edition

If you prefer the mini segway type hoverboard (and there’s lots of reasons to love them) then you’re in luck! Segway have dropped the price of the Segway Minipro 2018 Edition AND the price of the new Segway Minilite (a watered down version of the Minipro). The prices are now crazy low considering that when the Segway Minipro first came on the market less than 2 years ago, it was priced at a whopping $1299! And now today you can get the 2018 version for just $399.99!

The Segway Minipro, although a little more expensive, is more powerful and durable than most of the traditional hoverboards on the market. With 10.5″ pneumatic tyres (for off road riding), 700 watt motor, mobile app, remote control, bluetooth and durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, this hoverboard isn’t just for fun, but is also suitable for commuting. Top speed is 10mph and range is 12.5 miles. It’s recommended for 16+ but judging by the reviews younger teenagers also manage to ride without a problem. 

Here are the range of mini Segway’s available on Amazon this Christmas:

Other Black Friday Hoverboard Deals
Here are a few deals starting today:

  • Walmart are going to be selling the Hover 1 Freedom hoverboard for just $148 – their Black Friday sale is now on. Stock is limited so this won’t last long.
  • Kohl’s will be bringing us a brand new “exclusive to Kohl’s” hoverboard called the Jetson Z5 with bluetooth for $219.99 (down from $299.99). Shop today!
  • Target will have the Jetson V12 Electra Light All Terrain hoverboard reduced from $299.99 down to $199.

These are released exclusively for the Black Friday/Christmas shopping season at these stores – therefore there aren’t many (if any) customer reviews or feedback available for these boards.

If we find more hoverboard discounts we’ll be adding them to this page over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period so check back regularly. Don’t forget to bookmark us!
swagtron t6 all terrain hoverboard

We find the best deals and discounts on hoverboards and self balancing scooters

Hoverboard Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the best prices available at any time during the year, which is great as a hoverboards make an awesome Christmas gift for both kids or adults of all ages! Black Friday is THE biggest shopping day of the year, particularly for electrical items and this year its on Friday 24th November. Of course Cyber Monday will be the following Monday and comes with its own discounts, but some sales will be starting as early as 14th November and carry on until the end of the month. Here on BestElectricRides.com we do our research to find you the best Black Friday hoverboard deals for 2017.

Hoverboards were the breakout product of 2015, and since then have been THE must have toy for kids (and adults) at Christmas. They continue to be super popular, with a whole new generation of better quality, UL certified, safer hoverboards on the market since 2016. Many of those who bought in the beginning unfortunately were left disappointed when it was revealed that their hoverboard purchases were potentially dangerous – in 2017 that’s no longer an issue with the new UL certification (which you absolutely MUST look out for if you want a safe, high quality hoverboard. In case you’re still worried see our article about hoverboard safety in 2017.

What deals will be available for Black Friday 2017?

We don’t yet know what the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday hoverboard deals 2017 will be, but by taking a look at the brands that were reduced last year, we predict that Swagtron will be another top seller this year with some decent deals on their range of hoverboards. Swagtron has the T1, T3, T5 and the newly released off road Swagtron T6 on the market this year, and should have some awesome discounts.

swagtron black friday deals

Razor is another top brand in the electric rideables market and the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is likely to be reduced by at least $80 – $100 again. This is a fantastic hoverboard for all ages and is super safe for even young kids.

Amazon will be THE marketplace to watch out for – its one of the best places to buy hoverboards due to their customer protection return policies and free shipping, Walmart and Target get in on the act for Black Friday too though so its worth checking out their deals too when the time comes.

Although some Black Friday hoverboard deals will be in shops, most of the best hoverboard Black Friday sales are online, and frankly I prefer shopping online that crazy shopping weekend anyway! Who wants to be run over by deal seeking shoppers when you can sit in the comfort of your home in your pajamas and just buy over the internet?

A hoverboard would make a great gift for a loved one this Christmas, or why not buy one for yourself? You won’t find prices like this any other time of the year!

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