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Best Off Road Hoverboards in 2017 – All Terrain Scooters With A Difference!

In 2015 hoverboards hit the market with a bang. These 2 wheeled self balancing scooters became THE hot product of the year, and although they hit a few blips along the way (inferior quality models with cheap batteries caused some fire problems), they have only gone from strength to strength since then. In 2016 Underwriter Laboratories introduced the UL 2272 hoverboard certification, so hoverboards are now safer and higher quality than ever. In 2017 technology has advanced to the stage where we now have all terrain hoverboards that can travel over grass, sand, gravel and more (the traditional hoverboards that first came on the market were only suitable for smooth pavement). In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the best off road hoverboards available today.

What is an off road hoverboard?

These are similar to the original hoverboards in how they work, but they are generally bigger, stronger and more durable. Instead of 6.5 inch wheels, most have 8.5 or 10 inch wheels. Instead of solid rubber tires (which are only suitable for smooth ground) they have pneumatic tires for travelling safely and smoothly over a variety of terrains including grass, gravel and sand. This makes them far more versatile and more fun because you can use them almost anywhere. Most all terrain hoverboards even come with bluetooth capability! The following are some of popular off road self balancing scooters for 2017:

Product NameHalo RoverSwagtron T6Epikgo ClassicJetson V8Segway Minipro
Our Rating
Tire Size8.5 inch10 inch8.5 inch8.5 inch10 inch
UL2272 CertifiedYesYesYesYesYes
Product Weight32lbs30.55lbs31lbs35lbs28lbs
Max Load260lbs420lbs260lbs300lbs220lbs
Charge Time2-3 hours2-3 hours2 hours1.5 hours4 hours
Range10 miles12 miles10 miles12 miles14 miles
Top Speed10mph12mph10mph10mph10mph
Riding Modes3 modes - Learner, Standard, Advanced3 modes - Learner, Standard, Advanced1 mode3 modes - Learner, Standard, Advanced2 modes - Apprentice, Standard
Mobile AppYesYesNoYesYes
ColorsBlack (Amazon) Pink, White & Black (Official Haloboard website)Black & Desert CamoElite Silver, Rose Gold, Space GreyBlackBlack & White
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Where To BuyCheck price on Haloboard.com | Amazon.comCheck price on Swagtron.comCheck price on Amazon.comCheck price on Amazon.comCheck price on Amazon.com

#1 Halo Rover Hoverboard (Best Off Road Hoverboard 2017)

This Halo Rover is a sleek and futuristic looking hoverboard that will make your friends wish they had one too. It can handle nearly any terrain and comes complete with super solid wheels and lots of fun features. All in all, this much-anticipated hoverboard will not disappoint.

Halo Rover Specs & Features

  • Max speed: 10 mph
  • Charge time: 2.5 hrs
  • Battery life: 10 miles
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Max Weight: 260 lbs
  • LED lights: Yes
  • LED directionals: Yes
  • Bluetooth speakers: Yes
  • Training Modes: Normal, Beginners & Advanced
  • Mobile App: Yes
best off road hoverboards

Here's a short video of the Halo Rover in action:

What we Like about the Halo Rover

  • This Halo Rover is durable and strong to navigate snow, mud, grass or sand. With its 8.5inch rugged tires, there is almost nowhere this beast can’t go.
  • It moves over cracks and bumps with ease.
  • This hoverboard comes equipped with many fun options as well, such as Bluetooth connection which allows you to play music out of the board itself!
  • It also connects to an app for your mobile device that has many cool features - it tells you things like speed, power, temperature, mileage etc. 

What we don't like

  • The Halo Rover retails for almost $100 more than some other hoverboard brands. We think it's worth the price though! Check it out here

Our Verdict On The Halo Rover Hoverboard

The Halo Rover is a great choice and is our #1 choice of all terrain hoverboard for 2017. It is durable and strong, can navigate well on many different terrains, has a wide and comfortable foot bed and has 3 modes of travel so that you can ease into the machine.

Although a bit more expensive than other models, this board is well worth every penny. 

#2 Epikgo Hoverboard

The EPIKGO is here and it’s one beast of a board! Instead of just promising that it will be a solid competitor in the off road hoverboard category, this board actually delivers. Its weight, sturdier appearance and larger, hard rubber wheels demonstrate that. With noted reliable customer service, you can feel confident that you will have the support that you need when you need it. There is one big difference between this board and the others though - unfortunately the Epikgo doesn't come with bluetooth.

Epikgo Specs & Features

  • Weight capacity: 44lbs – 260 lbs
  • 400W dual motors
  • IP56 waterproof certified
  • Max speed: 10mph
  • Charge time: 1-2 hours
  • Battery life: 10-12 miles
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • LED lights: Yes
  • Bluetooth integrated: No
  • UL 2272 certified: Yes
  • Aluminum alloy body is strong and durable
epikgo all terrain hoverboard

What we Like about the Epikgo

  • A heavier body and tougher design make this off road hoverboard ready for almost any terrain or element.
  • Rather than utilizing electric motors in the wheels, more powerful brushless motors are lodged inside the main body. This keeps costs lower and allows room for a more rugged design.
  • The Epikgo hoverboard also comes equipped with both front and rear LED lights for extra visibility in the dark.
  • Another very important feature of the Epikgo is its noted battery life, which is longer than some other hoverboards on the market today.
  • It weighs a few pounds less than some of the other similar all terrain boards we've listed so might be a better option for kids.

What we don't like

  • Although it is a fast and very durable board, the Epikgo seems a bit less flexible and unable to navigate around tighter corners as well as its other, more compact rivals.
  • Another minor drawback for some could be that you ride higher up so your center of gravity is shifted a bit, making balance a little trickier, but not impossible by any means.
  • Unlike the others we've listed, the Epikgo Classic does NOT have bluetooth capability.

Our Verdict On The Epikgo

This is a high-quality hoverboard with dependable parts and a solid design. It is a perfect board for those who want to use their hoverboard on dirt, grass or gravel. Highly recommended for people who want a more substantial board that can maneuver well and has excellent handling. The Epikgo gets high marks for so many reasons; from the powerful multi-speed motor ensuring a smooth and dependable ride, to its UL 2271 certified, fast charging battery, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

The Epikgo is most suited to someone looking for a slightly lighter off road hoverboard (this is lighter than the others) and isn’t bothered by the lack of bluetooth.

#3 Jetson V8 Hoverboard

The Jetson V8 is an all terrain self-balancing hoverboard that boasts features that standard hoverboards don't have. It’s powered by dual 400-watt motors. The Jetson V8 also comes with three different rider modes of varying difficulty to help you ease into the swing of riding and controlling this machine.

Jetson V8 Specs & Features

  • 400W dual motors
  • Range: 10-12 miles
  • Max Weight: 300lbs
  • Max Speed: 12 mph
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours
  • LED Lights: Yes
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Warranty: One year
jetson v8 hoverboard

What we Like about the Jetson V8

  • The 400W dual motors present in each of the tire welds give this hoverboard the power that it needs to navigate most terrains, from grass to pavement.
  • It comes compatible with an app you can download to your mobile device so that you can control the board’s 3 modes, learning, standard and pro mode.
  • The Jetson V8 also comes with both front and back LED lights for better visibility in the dark.
  • It's the cheapest off road hoverboard available at the moment!

What we don't like

  • For the size of this hoverboard, some have said that the foot platform is a bit shallow.
  • Controlling this board also tends to be a bit more difficult, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Our Final Verdict On The Jetson V8

The Jetson V8 is a solid hoverboard, capable of handling many different terrains with ease. It accommodates a range of heights and weights and has different modes to use while you are learning. With its gyroscope technology and sensors, the Jetson V8 is very responsive to a range of real-time movements and does a great job of predicting and sensing so that you can stay safe. It is attractive and solid in design. All in all, you can feel confident when you buy this product that you will have a reliable hoverboard. The user reviews on Amazon are worth checking out if you want to know more.

This is the cheapest on this list and so is worth checking out just for the price. It’s cheaper than the Epikgo which DOESN’T have bluetooth (the V8 does!).

#4 Segway Minipro (Best For Commuting)

Technically a smaller version of the original Segway, this personal transporter is clearly a different machine from other hoverboards. It could be argued that miniPRO isn’t a hoverboard at all, with its variable height steering column and reduced size knee bars for extra control and precision steering. Some might consider it a very expensive machine, as it was released with a retail price of over $1000, but today it is much more affordable as the price is now reduced to be in line with other off road hoverboards. Whether you’re looking for some high end fun, or you want a personal transporter for commuting short distances then look no further. This could be the machine for you.

Segway Minipro Specs & Features

  • Max Speed: 10-12 mph
  • Motor 800W
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Range: 14 miles
  • Charge Time: 4 hours
  • Height: Variable from 3′ 11″ to 6′ 6”
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Tire Size: 10.5″
  • LED lights In Front and Back: Yes
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
  • Remote Control Included: Yes

What we Like about the Segway Minipro

  • The platform, being much wider and higher off the ground than other hoverboards, is easy to step on and acclimate to once you have both feet planted. It is self-balancing and will do so as soon as you step on the machine.
  • The knee bar works very well for steering and makes you feel like you have almost complete control.
  • The miniPRO is sleek, quiet and very responsive to your body movements. When you lean back, the miniPRO immediately senses this and slows down, a feature that other hoverboards have.
  • Another cool feature is the remote control capability that this product has. The miniPRO can be driven around completely with this feature, which can be both useful and fun. 
  • The miniPRO has a very impressive mobile app which tells how fast you are going, battery status, location, direction, and temperature.
  • Another feature is the parking brake, which stops all functions when it is engaged and beeps if someone tried to move it. This is a very good safety feature and can come in handy when stopping on hills or other inclines.

What we don't like

  • The miniPRO is heavy and not so easy to carry around with its big 10.5 inch tires. The knee bar can be removed though to make it easier to transport in the trunk of your car.
  • A rather disconcerting issue with it is its inner computer sensing your movements inaccurately. It has been reported that the miniPRO might sense that you are off balance when you are riding down a hill at a faster speed than when on a flat surface and will immediately slow down, leaving the rider almost pitching over the knee bar.

Our Verdict On The Segway Minipro

The Segway miniPRO is a new, less expensive twist on the original Segway, which was a revelutionary piece of technology when it was first unveiled. The miniPRO has many fun features,  and boasts an impressive tire size and handling capability. It is definitely not a hoverboard, but it can be just as fun to ride. In fact in many ways it’s better than a hoverboard, and is more suited to commuting. It has 14 mile range which means it travels further than each of the other boards (one a single charge).

Final Verdict: Which Should You Choose?

As you’ll probably have noticed, all the best off road hoverboards (other than the Segway Minipro, which is more of a “mini segway” than a hoverboard) are actually very similar. Not only do they look the same (other than having different branding) but their specs and capability are similar too. For that reason, it’s difficult to choose one that we could say is better overall. All 4 have some fantastic reviews – better than those for traditional hoverboards like Swagtron and Razor. 

Based on popularity, ease of movement, and highest number of positive user reviews we’re naming the Halo Rover as our top choice, but depending on your budget, you may just want to choose whichever is cheapest – that right now is the Swagtron T6 (which also carries a significantly higher max weight than the others).

If you’re looking for something a bit different, or a transporter for commuting short distances then the Segway Minipro might be a better choice.


Official Halo Rover Hoverboard - Safety Certified UL 2272 - Halo Bluetooth Speakers - Halo Rover Mobile APP - Free Carry Case - LG FireSafe Battery - Halo 8.5 Inch Non Flat TiresOfficial Halo Rover Hoverboard – Safety Certified UL 2272 – Halo Bluetooth Speakers – Halo Rover Mobile APP – Free Carry Case – LG FireSafe Battery – Halo 8.5 Inch Non Flat Tires

What makes the Halo Rover great?

​The bluetooth Halo Rover navigates well on all sorts of terrain and in all types of weather and switches easily between on and off-road. It’s extremely hefty trodden tires make it a high performer no matter where it is being ridden. This hoverboard handles quick changes in direction well and moves like it should be much more compact than it is, moving around objects more easily than some of its competitors. The platform is solid and comes with rubber bumpers for added protection. It is also made of very durable materials which the company claims to be “virtually indestructible”. This is all very helpful when traversing different landscapes where you don’t know what obstacles you might encounter!

All in all, if you are going to head out and purchase a new hoverboard today, the Halo Rover is definitely worth the investment. It is a solid and fierce competitor in its class and handles incredibly well in all types of situations.

Whether taking it out for a morning spin, riding it to work, heading out for an off-road adventure or just spinning around in the parking lot and maneuvering through obstacle courses with friends, Halo Rover, is definitely a worthy choice. Now get out there, pick a board and just ride!

Where can I find an off road hoverboard for sale?

All of the above hoverboards can be found on Amazon. Some (like the Halo Rover and Swagtron T6) also have their own websites – we provide links to all of the best off road hoverboards above.

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